Beth Hart live at Open Air Blues Festival
Beth Hart live at Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi Romania

Open Air Blues Festival in Brezoi, Romania

To listen great singers is good, but to see them in live concerts it is fantastic, so you’ll understand my happiness! I were one of the official photographers at Open Air Blues Festival!

If you have big name in a festival of blues, then for sure you should ask for good cameraman and photographers.

There is many concerts in Romania, but Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi is far away the best for me. I like people who is coming at and I like blues more than other genre of music. I feel good to be part of staf, to help with the image of festival with my skills.

After I take pictures, I switch my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to film. I put Canon EF 200-400mm L IS USM with 1.4x inside Extender.

Let’s listen Botle of Jesus with Beth Hart

Since I get my first photo camera, I fall in love with photography

Every kind of photographs I take, for me is important the subject. I crop it from environment, I chose the lens and setting of camera, then I wait for the decisive moment. I feel it in my hart more than my mind, so my finger press the release buton without to think especial at it.

On Facebook I am often asked about the camera I work with or how to learn photography, and I am glad to help other people.

If you wanna be able to take good pictures, than you should ask for right and good classes and workshops of photography.


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