About me

Aurel Virlan is a professional landscape photographer and outdoor photo outfitter guide based in Bucharest, Romania.

Sunset over tree in Greece. Landscape by Aurel Virlan Photography
Sunset over tree in Greece. Landscape by Aurel Virlan Photography

If you want to see and memorize the beauties of Romania, then you have found one of the most suitable photographers to describe it!

From sunrise till sunset, or tripod man in midnight, Aurel is the photographer you would like to have you as guide and friend anywhere in this country.

An avid and curios outdoorsman, nothing gives Aurel greater pleasure than traveling the country by foot, snowshoe, car, boat, and bicycle in search of stunning scenery to memorize them through the photographs.

From Carpati Mountain picks or meadows, till river valleys and Black-Sea beaches are places of relax for him.

Aurel loves to capture and share this beautiful images. He expect to travel with people who love nature and photography, because teaching experience makes him a perfect photo guide.

Aurel’s photo portfolio is optimized with Full-HD resolution images. Most of his photographs are unique depictions of a moment-in-time.

His photographs are published online in local, national and international sites and magazines.

Periodically, many of Aurel’s photos can be seen printed in personal or collective exhibitions in Romania, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Portugal.

Aurel’s client list includes large and small businesses as well as individual collectors.

His work is available here online and is displayed and sold at desire format on www.magicphotoland.com

Aurel Virlan has won a Start-Up Nation program with Adaptive Conception Vision, setting the foundation for a photographic business to a superior level.