Marble woman at the window.
Marble woman at the window.

A good portrait designed by the architect

A photograph built in a window

In this case, Aurel Virlan as photographer, has only to admire the work of an architect.
Beyond the visual impact, the photographic concept is perfect!
Photographically, we see a woman at the window here. She is framed in a medium-sized environment, in an elegant, delicate and courageous position at the same time.
The window curtain is used suggestively to hide the woman’s nakedness.
The delicate hand gives the curtain aside, inviting us to admire the perfection similar to the ancient statues of the young woman body.

The architect did not stop here, but went further.
The emotional impact is enhanced by the addition of marble to the brick walls.

Marble woman at window - Photographer with humour.
Marble woman at window – Photographer with humour.


  1. It’s nice to be a traveler and a photographer at the same time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to separate myself, to taste a place separately, like a traveler, like a photographer…


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