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Street is one great space to capture photographs with real people as they are

This photo gallery is dedicated to the father of modern street photojournalism, Henry Cartier Bresson

Everyday life, man and woman as they are, are just few of the pictures that tell us so realistically about our existence.
Aurel has devoted many years of solitary photo shifts to streets in the center of a city, or on streets across different districts.
The moment caught in such a photo remains suspended in Time.
Sometimes we return hypnotically to some emblematic images.

Module 3 Photo Class is dedicated to this way of being more attentive to the world around us.

The indiscretion of street photojournalism is offset by empathy towards the people near us to whom you are guided by such images.
At the end of the photojournalism course, go shoulder to shoulder with Aurel on the street that loves you!

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