Beth Hart in the best photo of mine.

How to be in a good light

There have been four days of peace, blues and relaxation with old or new friends, so mindfulness were natural!

Youtube video with photo camera Canon EOS Mark IV and Canon EF 200-400mm L USM 1.4x Extender lens, so quality satisface me.

I was a photographer of this blues music festival in Brezoi, Romania. As a result, it fell good!

People were coming from many country to listen great musician as Oscar Benton or Beth Hart.

More than 70 photographers have been chosen to memorise the decisive moments.

Beth Hart live at Open Air Blues Festival
Beth Hart live at Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi Romania
Beth Hart between guitarists on stage.
Beth Hart between guitarists on stage.

The lights at Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi help a lot every photographer. As a result, there are many great pictures on the internet with all musicians!

I will try to obtain a new place as photographer. Romania is a important destination for singers because there are people in love with good music and live concerts. Brezoi or Bucharest, Vama Veche or Sighișoara, Cluj or Timisoara, are just few from hundreds of cities available for concerts.

Even it is raining, nobody is going home!

I am waiting with same pleasure to listen music without camera photo on my shoulder as I am waiting to take picture during the concert!

Beth Hart is one of my favourite singer and I have many song with she in my Youtube playlists. I have been waiting to see her in live concert, as a result, I am very happy to meet Beth at Brezoi Open Air Blues Festival!

I have experience and I own very good photo cameras, so I’m glad to help diferent festivals with my pictures, descriptive ones or portraits.

Since 2017 I make my own company Adaptive Consulting Vision S.R.L. and I get one StartUp program with photography as main domain of activity.



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